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Office Cleaning

At Thames, we always aim to deliver office cleaning standards which are second to none. With in depth staffing interviews, carefully analysing work permit documents and by seeking past employer references, we provide the very best cleaning staff for every contract we undertake.

All staff are put through a rigorous induction and training to enable them to perform their cleaning duties to the highest levels whilst remaining productive and working safely, commensurate to the environment. 

We pride ourselves on a drive for continuous improvement. To ensure this, every contract is fully audited on a regular basis to ensure our high standards are consistently being achieved via our UKAS approved ISO 9001 quality management system. We also provide regular refresher training for all our staff.

Our staff are the key to our success. By providing remuneration above the minimum wage, incentive bonuses and the opportunity of our internal development programme, we offer an inclusive, positive working environment which encourages our staff to take pride in their work, company and workplace.